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About the Team

Team Mission

The Chicago Style Botdogs', officially FRC Team 4645, mission is to Engineer a Better Future for students and outside communities by promoting FIRST® Robotics, STEM* education, and diversity. 

The Chicago Style Botdogs aims to provide an easily accessible experience in engineering, allowing students to gain first-hand experience in engineering as a right, not a privilege. Our team empowers members with the opportunity to experience, cherish, and expand their skills in science, technology, and engineering, preparing them for high school and beyond. 

*Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Community Outreach

As a part of our mission, we always strive to reach out to nearby communities and organizations in Chicago, such as by promoting FIRST Robotics, educating local schools in STEM, and enticing local businesses for STEM. From the beliefs in FIRST Robotics and our team, an essential part of our outreach is the fruitful connection created with the surrounding community, corporations, and organizations with our team, creating an authentic and meaningful relationship between The Chicago Style Botdogs and the community.  


InSTEM - June 2023


CSEdWeek - December 2023


Girl Scouts Educational Session - December 2023


Lenart Regional Gifted Center Visit - February 2024 

Team Organization

Student-founded, student-created, student-led, The Chicago Style Botdogs is organized and run by the students, empowering them to control all substantial operations of The Chicago Style Botdogs. Though our team does receive crucial advice and support from our generous coaches, sponsors, and mentors, our robot's active design and collaboration are done solely at the hands of the students. In addition, student-led means that students control all the managerial aspects of the team, such as design, strategic, and financial decisions.  



The Chicago Style Botdogs competes in FRC yearly with two competition CORE (COmpetitive Robot Engineers) teams. Each team designs, builds, and competes with their competition-ready, student-built robots.

Both teams work through and endure FRC's short and rigorous 6-week build season to construct a capable and versatile robot. Regardless of experience, teams tirelessly work through different iterations of planning and execution to create a competent and competitive robot.

CORE A is our competitive varsity-level team. Encompassing members with the most experience, CORE A members have higher expertise in programming, engineering, and design, with members usually having at least two years of robotics experience. Every season, CORE A produces a custom-made robot with specialized design components necessary for that season's competition designed and built by CORE A members.  











CORE B is our competitive junior varsity-level team. CORE B consists of those who want to enter FRC's competitive straits but are new to FRC. Every season, CORE B constructs the Kitbot, a pre-designed robot to help beginner-level FRC teams enter competitions, which is manufactured, designed, and tested by FRC.

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