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FIRST Robotics is an organization founded in 1989 that encourages young creators and innovators to participate in mentor-based robotics competitions that spark interest in engineering and technology. FIRST Robotics' many levels of competitive programs foster valuable life skills, which include communication, leadership, gracious professionalism, and self-confidence. With nearly 120,000 volunteers, including professional engineers, college students, mentors, and teachers; 3,500 corporate, educational, and professional sponsors; and $16 million dollars worth of scholarships offered to its participants, the FIRST Robotics program is an incredibly unique and rewarding opportunity available for all students.


2023 Charged Up

In Charged Up, each Alliance will work together to score points in their Community. Points can be scored by putting cones and cubes in each Aillance's Community, or, near the end of the round, by attempting to balance on each Aillance's respective Chargining Station. The Alliance with the most points wins!


2022 Rapid React

In 2022, Alliances will work together to deliver cargo to their respective central hubs, aiming to score points in the process. Then, near the end, Alliances will collaborate to climb their respective Hanger to score points: more points are gained the higher an Alliance robot climbs. The Alliance with the most points wins!


2020 Infinite Recharge

Alliances will work together to protect the FIRSTcity from approaching asteroids caused by a space skirmish. Each Alliance, along with their trusty droids, race to collect and score Power Cells in order to energize their Shield Generator for maximum protection. The Alliance with the highest score wins.


2019 Destination: Deep Space

Get ready for lift off! Alliances need to pick up hatches and cargo in order to fill the rocket and cargo ship before the next sandstorm hits! The Alliance that earns the most points wins!


2018 FIRST Power Up

Get ready to level up!  Power up involves two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling and picking up power cubes, which are fed to the exchange, scale or switch in order to gain points. The alliance with the most points wins!

2017 FIRST Steamworks

Take to the skies! Two Alliances must work together to deliver gears and fuel to their airships, in efforts to prepare them for take off. The Alliance with the most parts on their airship will have the most successful flight and win the game!

2016 FIRST Stronghold

Invade and conquer! Alliances are tasked with breaching the opposing Alliance's defenses, attacking their tower by firing projectiles, and finally scaling the tower itself. Victory is declared when all tasks are completed. 

2015 Recycle Rush

Robotic clean up crew! Alliances band together to stack totes and recover the most waste, while also creating barriers for the opposing Alliance. 

2014 Aerial Assist

In this game, Alliances must score points by utilizing a variety of methods, either by moving balls into score zones or launching them through hoops.

2013 Ultimate Ascent

The objective of Ultimate Ascent is to launch discs into targets to score points. The harder the target, the more points earned. At the end, the robots must ascend their pyramids in the middle to gain more points. The alliance with the most points wins! 

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