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Coaches & Mentors

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Mr. Robert Berg

Head Coach

Mr. Berg teaches Programming I and Intro to Artificial Intelligence at Lane Tech.

Mr. Daniel Law

Software & Electronics Coach

Mr. Law is the head of the Computer Science department at Lane Tech. He teaches Honors Exploring Computer Science, an introductory CS course; Honors Apps II: Physical Computing Lab, where students build using microcomputers and microcontrollers; and AP CS A, an college-level introductory CS course. He assists the team with programming, giving advice on optimizing the code for the robot.


Ms. Marjorrie Custodio

Media & Marketing Coach

Ms. Custodio teaches Honors Art I, where students explore drawing, sculpture, and painting; and Honors Studio Sculpture I, where students study three dimensional form through the utilization of different approaches. She assists the Media & Marketing Subteam with promoting our team, critiquing designs, and assisting us with creating media, props, and other promotional gear.

Ms. Mallorie Hsieh

Mechanical and Design Coach

Ms. Hsieh is the Mechanical and Design Coach for the team. She assists the team with advice on design choices and engineering processes. 

Mr. Leon Kim

Strategy & Scouting Coach

Mr. Kim is an additional assistant coach for the team. He teaches Honors Media Computation, where students are taught programming principles by creating 2D graphics and music with Python, and AP Computer Science Principles, where students are introduced to the foundations of modern computing.

Mr. Ed Feldy


Mr. Feldy has been one of our team mentors since 2013, and he is part of ASME Chicago (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Mr. Tim Hogan


Mr. Hogan has been one of our mentors since 2015, and he is part of Fluid Management

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