Meet the Coaches

Ms. Jennifer Vetvick

Head Coach

Ms. Jennifer Vetvick teaches Honors and Advanced Placement Physics at Lane Tech, as well as Honors Robotics I and II. She manages the team, handles sponsorships, and ensures our attendance at competitions. She also gives design input and advice for our media team.

Mr. Daniel Law

Assistant Coach

Mr. Daniel Law is the head of the Computer Science department at Lane Tech. He teaches Honors Exploring Computer Science, an introductory CS course; Honors Apps II: Physical Computing Lab, where students build using microcomputers and microcontrollers; and Advanced Placement CS A, an college level introductory CS course. He assists the team with programming, giving advice on optimizing the code for the robot.

Mr. Robert Berg

Electronics and Programming Coach

Mr. Robert Berg teaches Programming I and Intro to Artificial Intelligence at Lane Tech. He assists the Electronics and Programming subteam in building clean electronics systems and writing programs in order to accomplish tasks with the robot.

Mr. Sean Bratton

Design and Development Coach

Mr. Sean Bratton is a Design and Development coach. As part of the Science department, he teaches Honors Meteorology, where students study earth's climate, climate change, and the interactions between climate and the global environment, and Honors Physics. Mr. Bratton assists the Design and Development team in designing parts for our robots.

Ms. Marjorrie Custodio

Media and Marketing Coach

Ms. Marjorrie Custodio teaches Honors Art 1, where students explore drawing, sculpture, and painting; and Honors Studio Sculpture 1, where students study three dimensional form through utilization of different approaches. She assists the Media and Marketing subteam with promoting our team, critiquing designs and assisting us with creating media, props, and other promotional gear.

Ms. Amy Diamond

Auxilary Coach

Ms. Amy Diamond teaches Honors Photography, Honors Independent Study Art, and Honors Digital Imaging I at Lane Tech. She assists the Media and Marketing team in creating promotional media for the team's image.

Mr. Leon Kim

Auxilary Coach

Mr. Leon Kim is an additional assistant coach for the team. He teaches Honors Media Computation, where students are taught programming principles by creating 2D graphics and music with Python, and Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, where students are introduced to the foundations of modern computing.

Ms. Jennifer Roscoe

Auxilary Coach

Ms. Jennifer Roscoe is an additional programming coach for the team. At Lane, she teaches Programming, which instructs basic programming concepts through Java; Swift and IOS, which does the same with Apple's coding language, Swift; and Android App Development, where students build Android apps through their build environment. All three are Honors level classes. Ms. Roscoe assists the programming team with programming the robot, driver station, and other components.

​Mr. Jeff Solin

Auxilary Coach

Mr. Jeff Solin is one of the many assistant coaches the team possesses. He teaches Microarchitecture Logic Design, a class about hardware and logics design of computers, and Innovation and Creation Lab, where students get to design and create static products, sometimes with a 3D printer. Both are honors classes.

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